Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paper covered large letters

So as a gift idea for my Mother-in-law this year I decided to take some of the paper mache letters that you can find at craft stores and cover the fronts of them with dictionary pages and then painted all of the edges before sealing them up.  I started with the these three letters, but am already thinking of making her law firm name as a future gift.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tile Coasters

Hope everyone isn't getting sick of all these Christmas gifts yet.  Only a couple more days to share what I have already created.  I found this idea on Pinterest and the idea then took off even more over on the Club CK boards.  I decided to make a set of four for my Mom and a set of eight for my Mother-in-Law's law office.  I bought these tiles at Home Depot for $0.16 each. I also bought a set of felt circles to add to the bottom of all of the tiles.   I already had the paper and the Modge Podge.  I love how these turned out so I made a set for my house too.

 The set for my Mother-in-Law.
The set for my Mom.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Canvas Wall Art

So the story behind these is simple. Last year I was trying to be "cool" so I made two of my nephews cards with a skateboarder on the front and they were a HUGE hit.  So this year when I asked my sister for gift ideas for them she immediately answered that they would LOVE wall art with their names and skateboarders/bmx rider for my sister to hang on the wall.  I also decided to add an inspirational saying from the Silhouette store to add to each canvas.  So, I took some blank canvas and painted them with some acrylic paint.  I then used my Silhouette to cut out all of the paper items for each one out of cardstock.  I then used Modge Podge to assemble each canvas.  So here are all four of the ones I created (three for my nephews and one for my niece.)

 The one is for my oldest nephew.

 This one is for my soon-to-be 16 year-old niece.

 Here is the one for my middle nephew.

This one I created for my youngest nephew.

I love creating canvas wall art like this.  I love how easy they are to create and how stunning they look on the wall when they are finished.  Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fun & Funky Bracelets....Part 2

After created the safety pin bracelets (see yesterday's post) I decided to create a whole different set of bracelets for my niece.  This is yet another idea I found from Pinterest.  (This is a very Pinterest Christmas this year....LOL).  So it involves some strips of jersey material and your fingers....that is it, well and a pair of scissors.  There are three different widths you can make depending on how many fingers you use to weave the fabric.  So here is the picture...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun & Funky Bracelets...Part 1

So when I became addicted to Pinterest I started finding tons of cool ideas for my niece for her upcoming birthday and Christmas.  She turns 16 right before Christmas. (On a side note...how I did I become an aunt to a 16 year old?!?)  So as soon as I saw this idea on how to turn safety pins, beads & stretchy cord into a super cool bracelet I knew I had to get started ASAP on these.  The plan was to make one for her, but it was so much fun that I made her two of them.  So here check these out!

Looks pretty rockin' for a 16 year old, huh?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glassware + Spraypaint = Tons of Fun

I think I might be in love.  I saw this idea on Pinterest on how to turn old dishes, cups, vases & candle holders into tiered serving trays.  I created two for serving food at home and another one for my scrapbooking desk.  Just looking at it makes me so happy!  So here are some much anticipated pictures.

 So this is the first one that I created.  I bought all these items at my local thrift store, which is a great place to get single items at a great price.  So I kept the glassware, silver platter and bowl just like when I bought them.  The red plate is a glass plate.  But since spray paint isn't food safe, I painted and sealed the bottom of the plate.  This way I get to see the beautiful color, but can still put food on the plate.  To combine all the pieces I used a silicone Household Adhesive Sealant by DAP, which is food safe.

 I used the same paint technique on this glass plate and then attached it to the frosted vase to create an elevated plate.
 This is the most recent tiered display I created.  The purple and teal plates are really glass plates that have been spray painted.  The bottom bowl and plate I picked up at the thrift store for 1/2 off.  The goblet and candlestick holder are from the Dollar Tree.  These colors make me so happy and I love how open it feels because I kept the glass clear.

I have been loving these displays so much that I wanted one in my office.  So I set off on a mission to the Dollar Tree.  I call it a mission because I went in the afternoon with my four-year-old in tow.  I picked up the bowl and two plates along with the candlestick holder there.  The bottom piece of glass is a martini glass (I got a set of two for $1.00 at my thrift store.)  So this beautiful display set me back $4.50.  Especially since I already had the spray paint.  Once I got this all set up I put my ribbon scraps in the bowl on top, my stickles, microbeads & glitter on the middle shelf and my spray inks on the bottom shelf.

So this is one of my favorite projects that I have been working on because they are all for ME!  Now, if you know me, you should know that I never end up keeping the projects that I make.  I have also become obsessed with checking out my local thrift store several times per month for wonderful new glass items for these displays.  Spray paint is SO my new friend.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Really busy but new posts soon!

I have been super busy the last few weeks working on some really cool Christmas project and home projects.  Most of these ideas have come from Pinterest.  I am hoping to have some time tomorrow to sit down and share all these ideas that I have been busy working on.  Until then, just know that I really miss traditional scrapbooking and hope to get back to it before the end of the year.  But first I have to finish up some gifts and the making of the Christmas Cards.  Also, come back the for the Holiday Blog Hop the beginning of December where I will share a cool Christmas Gift I have been working on will have THREE to giveaway.
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