Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kindle Cover Instructions

I didn't take any pictures while I was making this, so I will try to explain what I did now.  First here is a picture to reference:
So I started with a hardcover book.  You need a book that is bigger than your Kindle, but not too much bigger or you will have trouble adding the elastic to the right places to hold the Kindle.  Then using my craft knife I cut out all of the pages by slicing next to the spine of the book.  I then took two piece of chipboard that I had laying around and cut them about 1/4 of an inch smaller then the front and back of the book.  (You need a piece for the front and back. 

Next you will need to cut out two pieces fabric larger than the boards.  I cut the fabric at least an inch bigger so that I could use some fusible tape to adhere the fabric to the chipboard.  I wanted the front and back to be slightly padded so I also added some fusible fleece that I cut the same size as the boards.   You will also need to cut a piece of fabric about twice as wide as your spine on your book.  I used the same fusible tape and folded the edges on the spine fabric before adhering to the spine also with the fusible tape. 

To prep the fabric for the front and back covers you will need to first fuse the fleece to the fabric and then wrap the fabric onto the board.  I used the fusible tape here for this step. 

Now you need to either have your kindle or the measurements so that you can properly add the elastic to the back cover to hold the kindle in place.  You attach the elastic to the back of the board. You can use hto clue, superglue, fusible tape, whatever you have that is strong enough.

Now it is time to put the piece on the book cover.  Start with the spine and for this part I just centered it and used more fusible tape to stick it down.  Next I did the two covers using hot glue.  Now you might need a lot of hot glue.  I don't think I added enough the first time and I am going to fix it next weekend. but this time I am planning on using E-6000 glue.  Hoping that will hold it.  I think I just didn't add enough glue the first time.  Once the covers are glued down you are going to want to place something heavy on it until it is all dried.

And viola, you have your very own custom Kindle Cover.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Great job!

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