Friday, October 12, 2012

Paper vs Digital Scrapbooking for me

So this is a topic I have been thinking about for several months now.  First some background. I first really learned how to use Photoshop back when I was in college for Photography.  I really loved using the program to edit my pictures.  I then started scrapbooking back in 2005-2006 after my husband joined the Army.  While we were stationed in Germany I created several theme albums.  Then two big things happened, my daughter was born in 2007 and we moved back to the states in 2008 and I really dove into paper scrapbooking.  Somewhere around 2009-2010 I tried my first digital scrapbook layout and I hated it.  I didn’t like the process of creating it or even the finished project.  So I stayed with paper scrapbooking.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE paper scrapbooking.  I love playing with paper, glue, embellishments, etc.  I just love the feel of working with my hands on scrapbooking.  I continued like this until the spring of this year.  I was on my first design team and about to move across the country.  So I thought I would dabble in some digital scrapbooking while in the middle of moving since all my paper supplies would be packed up and moved for about 2.5 months.  So this time when I tried digital scrapbooking again, I loved it!  I will admit that the quality of digital supplies over the last several years has greatly increased.  There is so much to choose from.  But when I sit back and think about it, I have realized that my digital pages have a very paper feel to them.  My style is the same both in paper and digital scrapbooking.  I really love that I have seemed to develop my scrappy style.  I will even show an example:

First up is my paper layout.  Below is a digital layout.

Love The Sand

So, I don’t know what my scrappy future is, I am sure that it is going to include both paper and digital scrapbooking.  There are times that I find digital scrapbook so much easier for me.  Those time are especially after I have taken a break from scrapbooking for one reason or another.  I find that I get back into my scrappy groove much faster with digital.

I think my next big goal is going to be to start cutting down on my stash.  I am already pretty good at using what I buy and only buying what I will use.  But this move has shown me how much scrappy stuff I have and all this paper is heavy.  Military moves have a weight limit, so I think I will slowly start getting rid of some stuff and also using up some of what I have here.  Although maybe this plan will go into effect after my next Creating Keepsakes Convention next March.

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