Monday, November 26, 2012

A Silhouette Tutorial!

I have been a complete Silhouette fan since I got my first machine (the original Silhouette) back in 2008 I believe.  I loved the machine even more when they released their own software, the super fabulous Silhouette Studio.  I love all the features that allow me to not only create my own designs, cut fonts from my computer, but also customized designs that I have purchased from their online store.  When talking about Silhouette, I also have to mention their super fabulous customer service!  I have emailed them countless times with questions, issues and problems and they are always super quick to respond!

The point of this post isn’t to just talk about my love for my Silhouette, but to share a quick tutorial.  Now this is the first time I have created one of these, so bear with me.  Although I have had a Silhouette for a long time, I will admit that I don’t usually make my own designs, but this year I have decided to make a December Album and I wanted little circle icons with the numbers 1-25.  So I decided to make my own.  I then thought how great of a tutorial this would make, since it was a little more complicated than I thought.  So here you go….

Remember, you can click on the pictures to see them larger.

number tutorial 1

Step one: I created a 2” circle.  This is easy.  Just create a circle, any size, then click the scale window button (see the red arrow). Then change the dimensions and press Apply.

number tutorial 2

Next up, I went to the Offset Window (red arrow) and pressed apply for a 1/4” offset.

number tutorial 3

I then needed to add my numbers, so press the text button on the left (red arrow), select your font from the list on the right side.  You can then add your numbers.  I then just grabbed a corner dot with my mouse to adjust the size.

number tutorial 4

I wanted the numbers closer together, so I pressed the ungroup button (red arrow) in the bottom left corner.  You can then just select one number and move it.  I used the arrow keys on my keyboard to nudge it over.

number tutorial 5

After you move the numbers into place in the smaller circle, you need to select both numbers and the smaller circle.  Then right click on them and select “Make Compound Path” (black arrow).

number tutorial 6

Make sure you select the numbers and smaller circle again and then press the “weld” button in the bottom left corner (red arrow).  Now after this step you should see lots of smaller grey boxes around the different parts.

number tutorial 7

Select each over-lapping piece and press the delete button (I use the button on the keyboard, but you can also right click and select delete).  Make sure you get rid of all the overlapping areas.

number tutorial 8

Finally, just select all the different elements and press the “group” button in the bottom left corner (red arrow). 

For a final image, here is what my whole set looks like (it is only colored to see it better).  Thanks for following along today.  I hope that if you have a Silhouette, this will help you know how to do this and that it inspires you to play with the software!

December daily numbers


Ashley Horton said...

Great tutorial Cassie!! The numbers turned out really cute! Thanks for all the help you've been giving me! I am having so much fun playing!!

Jacqui said...

Think I'm going to have a go at this for my project life next year. 1-52 for weeks of the year. thanks for sharing the tutorial.

photochic said...

Thanks! I was wondering why the compound path mattered and now I think I know! Can't wait to play with my software!

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