Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The box that just won’t leave…

So this post has nothing to do with scrapbooking.  It is just something that is driving me bonkers, so I thought I would share.

Since we moved into our house, we have been getting lots of mail for other people.  So I write on the envelope and put it right back in the mailbox.  It hasn’t really been a big deal.  Then last month, UPS delivered a box to my address with someone else’s name on it.  Now it wasn’t exactly my address because it also had an apartment number on it, now this was weird since we live in a single family home.

So I promptly called UPS and requested that they pick up the package.  The date they gave me for pick up came and went and the box was still here.  So after another call to UPS and a return call from my local delivery office, the box was picked up.   I was relieved to finally have it taken care of.

Fast forward about a week or so…it is Halloween night and the UPS man stops at my house and and delivers…the same box as before, with a different shipping label.  AAGGHHH!!!!  This is the box that just won’t go away!  So it is October 31st and I call UPS to request the box be picked up.  They say it will be picked up the next day, but it wasn’t. Friday morning I call again, they promise it will get picked up that day, but it wasn’t. On Friday I actually called the 1-800 number on the box for the sender of the package, and after an hour of being passed around to various Nike people, they tell me they can’t help me because they can’t find the order number and I won’t open the box because that is the first thing UPS asked me (Did you open the box? Umm…no).

So by Saturday, I have called at least 3 times, because this box is still on my porch.  Then my hubby calls and the niceness has worn off by this point.  They tell him the box will get picked up Monday because they make deliveries on Saturday but not pick-ups.  So my hubby offers to drive it to a UPS drop off point, and they tell him that if he does that, the box will just come back to our place.  Really…come-on now! I want this box gone already! So the hubby decides to write a message to the sender on the box to try to get them to stop sending it back here yet again.

Monday comes and goes, but the box is still here.  Yet another call or two to UPS gets me yet another promise that today WILL be the day.  However, Tuesday wasn’t the magical day either.  What will Wednesday bring…well yet another call to UPS and a conversation with a manager, gets me nothing but yet another promise.  So we will see.

So, at this point is just getting crazy, so I decided to just do a daily Instagram picture of the box on my porch. Here it is Tuesday:


And here is was this morning….one week after it’s unwelcomed arrival:


So by now, if you have made it this far, you are probably wondering what is written on this box.  Well without further ado….here you go:

One the top: “This person does not live here. Please stop sending it to me. I am sick of calling to get it picked up again. Call the number you have for the person who ordered it and ask them what their address is. This address is not even an apartment building. It is a single family home. I don’t even like Nike shoes, they never fit just right.”

On one of the long sides: “UPS is prolly getting sick of my wife and I calling and getting angry at the person on the phone. They are all upset because I was cranky. In the end, this is your fault because you keep sending this package to my house.”

On the bottom: “I tried to pull it out to see what it was (part of the packing slip was sticking out of the box). I’m just curious, how much does it cost every time you send this to the wrong person? Does your boss know how much money this box is costing the company? Wouldn’t it be easier to just refund the money paid for this. I am sure the person who ordered it is wondering what happened. If they really want it, they will re-order it, hopefully with the correct address.” There is also a game of tic-tac-toe which nobody won.

On the other long side: Another game of tic-tac-toe and the note “I let my daughter win. She was happy.”

On the short side: “My daughter thought it needed a sticker or two...”

On the other short side: Printed on the box (REVEIVER! Contact carrier immediately if loss or damage is noted upon delivery.) Written on the box: “But, what if it gets lost...AGAIN!”

I am hoping that this box gets picked up today, but if not…well it will at least give me something to document every morning after taking my daughter to school.


PattyC said...

That is hysterical, Cassie! I love that you wrote notes to UPS on the box.

Becky said...

That'sunny and frustrating at the same time!
I don't think I would have lasted as long as you have.

Moongirl said...

LOL! This NEEDS to be a scrap page!

Andrea said...

LOL! Insane!? I love how you guys made it comical and wrote on the box :)

Jennifer said...

THAT is funny right there! Somewhere there is a really frustrated person waiting on some Nike products!

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