Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Projects Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my Christmas projects.  I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it would be a super easy project to do with my daughter.  So we made some ornaments for our family.  She was so excited to work on these.  Here is a picture of the finished product:


So to make these you take the little plastic beads and coat them with oil.


I baked mine at 300 degrees until they melt together.  I put parchment paper on a cookie sheet and sprayed it with cooking spray.  I then took different metal cookie cutters and sprayed those with cooking spray too before filling the cutters with a layer of beads.


Once they are melted, pull them out of the oven and put them in a bowl of warm water until the beads firm up.  I used tongs to grab the cookie cutter.  Once it was in the water I could tap on the beads until it came out of the cookie cutter.  I then washed the ornament in dish soap to remove the oil.

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