Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Projects Day 7

Now today’s project and Wednesday’s projects go together.  I was planning on making only one of these, but I couldn’t decide on which paper to use and if the frame in Wednesday’s project would work well on this one.  So my lovely husband’s suggestion was to “Just make two”.  So that is what I did.  These are for my Mother-in-law and I figure she can keep one and home and one in her office at work.  It make more work for me and more shopping for some added embellishments, but in the end I am so super happy with how both look!
So here is altered frame number one….
Frame 1 a
Frame 1 c
Frame 1 D
Make sure to check back Wednesday for the other one!

1 comment:

glorygirl said...

Cassie - This is GORGEOUS!!! Love the colors you used. The bling and flowers are beautiful and the photo is precious. What a wonderful gift!

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