Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Projects Day 9

Welcome to the final day of my Christmas Projects.  Thank you for joining me for the last three weeks!

Today’s project is something that I have done many times before.  I made kindle/tablet covers using hardback books.  My father-in-law has very much loved the old ones, but after a few trips, we learned that the paper covers aren’t very durable.  So for this version I laminated the dust jackets to hopefully give them more life.  The other reason for the new versions is because he has added to his collections of kindles and gotten a new tablet.  The first thing he does after getting a new item is ask for a new book cover.  So this year the total of new ones quickly grew to four.  So I had quite the small assembly line going to get these made.


Hopefully these ones will last him a while, but if not, I sure hope he won’t mind getting the same fabric on a different book because I think I have run out of space/star options at Jo-Ann’s.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season! 

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