Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Small Space

I wanted to share some pictures of my current space.  I have my 6 foot desk and about 4 feet of shelves that sit next to my desk and that is about it right now.  So I have a lot of stuff to fit in this compact spot.  So without further ado I will overload you with some pictures.

First up: A picture of my desk.


Second: Another view of my desk, but a better view of the two storage shelves.


Next: A close up of the shelf on my desk.  These are really two shelves.  I found these at my local Fred Meyer on sale and the bins came two in a pack (and the packs were buy one get one free)


On that bottom shelf are my 6x6 pads.  They fit perfectly on this shelf and make it easy to find what I am looking for.


Now up, my other cubed shelf:


Last up is my washi collection.  I found this gold tray at my local Goodwill for just a couple of bucks.  It came home with me since my other tray was full.  I just wanted to show that if you keep your eyes out you can find unexpected item to use for storage.


I will be back tomorrow to show you my favorite storage item in my space!


S said...

Thanks for the peek at your space. I really like the bright pops of color from the bins and the bucket.

♥ Lynn said...

WOW! Great room! I want that washi tape!! ;)

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