Friday, January 17, 2014

The IKEA cart

Last fall I was in IKEA with my family and I convinced my hubby that I needed this pretty teal cart.  Pretty much I just said I wanted it and he said okay.  But hey, I was just so happy to have it!!

This has been the saving storage item in my space.  I am constantly amazed at how much it can hold and how convenient it is to grab what I am wanting to use!


I use to keep my stickers in storage drawers, and I still do that for the 12x12 sheets, but the rest I have moved here and I find that I am using them so much more!  Next to the stickers is a box of bling & enamel dots.


My second shelf holds my journal cards (see my post from last week) and all my Heidi Swapp & Studio Calico Spray inks.  I love that it is all organized and within easy reach.


Thank you for joining me for all these organization posts.  I hope this has given you some new storage ideas!


Mandi said...

I tried to order that last week but the order never went through. I a glad you like it. I think I am going to try again tomorrow. Plus, that is my favorite color.

S said...

When reading the previous post, I knew that cart would have to be your favorite item. It is fabulous - and again, I like the color it adds to your space. If there were an IKEA anywhere round here, I'd be getting one too.

♥ Lynn said...

Oh! I seen that cart and almost bought it! It's awesome.

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