Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A scrap room sewing project

With how my room is set up, when you look into my space you can see right under my scrap table.  This is the first time that it has been a problem, and it is only a problem to me.  I love the function of my plastic storage drawers, but I can’t say I care for the look.

So here is a picture from before:


Now I will say that the furniture on the back wall has moved around a lot.  It has taken me a while to really figure out where I want things to be so that I can easily access the things that I use.

With bright teal paint on two walls and a bright rug, I decided that I wanted white sheer curtains.   I found these white sheer curtains with a floral burn out pattern at Ikea for only $20 (the package has both curtain panels).  All I needed to do was to shorten the curtains to make them work perfectly.


When I decided that I wanted something to cover the area below my desk I first went to the fabric store.  I was thinking some sort of fabric that had a teal pattern to it.  But after looking around I was really worried that another strong pattern/color would be way to much for this small space.  So I then looked at some sheer fabric at the store, which even on sale would have set me back a lot more than the $20 for the curtains, and I would have another pattern/texture in the room.  So instead I swung by Ikea and ran in and quickly bought another set of the curtains.  I also needed to make a trip to Jo-Ann’s and I found a package of Velcro that had one side of sew-on and the other side of sticky back…and it was 6 feet long, which was perfect.  So with a 50% off coupon it only cost be about $7.

So I took both panels and sewed them together so that it was twice as long.  Then cut it to the right height (plus two inches for a fold over seam).  I then gathered the top edge and sewed it onto the velcro.  So in less than one day I have this adorable skirt for my desk that matches my curtains.  I am in love with the new look!!

2014-08-16 17.29.12

Thanks for joining me today for this little sewing project!

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S said...

Well, aren't you the seamstress. Those are very pretty.

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