Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Scraproom Re-do!

It is hard to believe that we have already lived in our house for a year and I have already re-done my craft room/office.  My awesomely amazing husband has found a new hobby and this whole project was his idea.  He loves playing with wood and building things.  So he came up with this shelf idea to give me more storage since I like to have my supplies within reach when I am scrapbooking.  My room looks out into our great room (living room portion) so I can watch TV from my desk.  I don’t have a door, instead the room has an extra wide arched doorway. 

So here is the view of my office from the great room:

2015-06-08 16.53.39

Since this is also a “home office” I also have to keep all of the household office type supplies in here, so I love that he built the shelves to go around the file cabinet.  It also means that I have a custom cubby for my new printer.

2015-06-08 16.53.05

This is a picture of the left side of the shelves.  Since this was just built and installed last weekend I am still working out how things will exactly be arranged.  I am sure lots of stuff will move around as I start using them.

2015-06-08 16.53.15

Here is the right side of the shelves.  This side isn’t as wide as the left, which I love because this side holds more of my everyday scrapbook items.  I am sure these will move around a bit too, but I love that I can fit so much stuff on these shelves already.  Hmmm…Maybe I should label my washi trays…

2015-06-08 16.52.31

So this is the only bookcase that I kept behind my desk.  It is a nice solid oak bookcase that we got almost 5 years ago for about $10.  This now holds my cardstock and patterned paper on the top shelf.  The bottom shelf has two trays that hold my layouts that need to be photographed and put into albums.

2015-06-08 16.52.46

I put these two small cubbies on top of the oak bookcase.  These hold a variety of stuff.  I love the bins, that allow me to hide some of the small stuff without it having to be seen.  I have a small obsession with cute notebooks, so you can see the stack waiting to be used (I also have a basket of them on the top of a shelf).

2015-06-08 16.54.25

I love these cheap plastic drawer carts! I got the bottom one from Walmart for less than $20.  These hold all of my cardstock scraps (organized by color) and patterned paper scraps (organized by company).  This really helps me to use my scraps since they are within reach and organized based upon how I scrap.

2015-06-08 16.54.12

Here is another favorite…my aqua Ikea cart!  I am always changing how things are organized on here.  The bottom hold my ink pads and pens, the middle is my spray ink and 6x6 paper pads, the top is full of stickers, embellishments, thickers and such.

2015-06-08 16.53.58

This last picture is the wall next to my desk.  I think I will get another couple of scrapbook frames to hang up.  I will change out these layouts about once a year or so.  I love having different ones up.  I also love this grey and teal vinyl decal that I made with my Silhouette.  It really makes me so happy!!

Thanks for joining me on a tour of my updated craft room/office.  It really could not have happened without my fabulous hubby.  He is the best!!

- Cassie -


Krafthead said...

Nice re-do!! Love the shelving~

Treva said...

Nice space!

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