Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shotbox Review

When I first heard about the Shotbox from The Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast (episode 262), I knew it was something that I wanted.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have a lot of cloudy rainy days that make photographing scrapbook layouts hard.  At my house my spot with the best light is my front porch, which means I need a bright, dry day to get photos.  Since it is January, you can imagine that those days are few and far between.
So this little beauty ended up on my Christmas list.  It shipped late and I finally got it over the weekend.  So the first thing I did was open it up.  I was so happy to find it fully assembled (woo-hoo!!) and that it came with it’s own carrying bag.  I have some printed info in one pocket and the power cord in another.
This is what is looks like straight out of the box.  To set it up, you simply pull up on the top and the back panel swings down and locks into place.  There are also two poles on the sides that swing up and clip in to keep it in a box shape.
Ta-da!  It is now set up!  It came with a backdrop piece for the back wall, but so far I haven’t seen a need for it, at least for what I have been using it for.  There is a toggle switch on the left and a knob on the right to control the amount of light.  This is the whole reason why I wanted it…it is already lighted!
Here is a picture of it with the light on.  It produces a really constant light throughout the box.
I snapped this picture of my layout inside of it from the front of the Shotbox.
There are square cut-outs on the top to take pictures through.  Now I was having trouble getting a picture of my 12x12 layouts with my DSLR camera and my phone.  I think I need to play around with it some more.  So for use today I just laid it on it’s back and put my layout on the back wall so I could take a picture through the bigger opening.  I think I might alter it a bit and see if I can either stand or clip my layout to the back wall.
I look forward to playing with it some more and also trying it with my point-and-shoot camera along with other settings on my phone to see what works the best. 
Thanks for joining me!


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